Do you still hope for an American fire truck company who is American owned, built with American pride and real American quality? A company 100% owned by hard working people who make pride and quality a life style and not just some advertising slogan? A company who’s financially strong and has been building them this way in America’s heart land hand built they way they always have since 1942?

Allow us to introduce you to Toyne Fire Apparatus. A company with great service and reliability rolled into an extremely affordable high quality unit.  Toyne is built in the heartland of America where qualities like value, dependability, customization, reliability, and doing the right thing even when no one is looking is all in a day’s work!


If you’re seriously looking for the value and not the fancy logos, you’ll see Toyne is quality built from the ground up.  We understand some people are driven by fancy dinners and extravagant gifts, but ask your self who is paying for all that?  You already know the answer; if you want a fancy dinner why not enjoy it with your family instead of some sales person selling you something overpriced and expensive to keep on the road.  Toyne is built upon the premise of keeping your units in service and ready to “take the call”. What good are fancy logos if you can’t reach the ones who need you in time of crisis?

All Toyne units can have crash repair at the factory in an expedient manner with top priority for getting you back in service.  Just simply contact your Tactical Fire rep and arrangements can be made for 48 hour pick up for shipping back to the factory.  After all, no one knows your Toyne like Toyne knows your Toyne and no one can repair it to factory specifications faster with a like new warranty.

“Built to take the call”

When you honestly compare Toyne to other manufacturers you will see why so many are still on the road today. The next time you see a fire apparatus sales publication ask yourself this simple and intriguing question. Where are all the used Toynes? Here’s the honest and simple answer, they are still on the front lines providing the service they were designed to do!

Toyne has a higher percentage of their units built still on the road today than any other fire apparatus manufacturer.  We are Toyne, dependable, reliable, strong and “Built to take the call” anytime, anywhere, no matter what!

Visit the Toyne website to learn more.

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