Law Enforcement




Our police applications range from medium duty support vehicles to larger tactical SWAT, ESU, EOD, and CBRNE units. With our wide range of experience with local, state and federal agencies we have years of experience building specialized equipment to meet the needs of today’s demanding environment for law enforcement professionals.

One of our specialties is building Command and Control units with multi faced, multijurisdictional communication systems for a strong, unified, command presence. We have also built tactical units for corrections and prison systems to cover multiple needs and a variety of severe duty applications for this increasingly demanding environment. If you can think of a need we can design a vehicle to meet your needs.

 Our units are not after thoughts or being built in our spare time. We specialize in all heavy applications for law enforcement use and deployment no one can match our Command / Control communications units. With emphasis placed where you need it; Reliability, Dependability, and Durability. We also build multi-agency communication units which are also upgradable as your needs change and as your organization adapts to the challenges and changes in the world in which we live. We are on the forefront of technology for law enforcement needs in the large vehicle market, ranging from light duty commercial chassis to larger heavy duty chassis.

We have units deployed with DHS, local, state, and federal agencies meeting the demanding needs each of these agencies are faced with on a daily basis. It’s about pride, loyalty, honor, trust, integrity, duty, God and Country when we serve our customers. We appreciate your commitment to protecting and defending our way of life and the sacrifices you make every day. One way we show that is by being committed to you, our customer.


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